Acquisition Strategy

Opportunism is often a leading driver in acquisitions. But the question is whether this results in a successful acquisition. We believe It is better to raise this question in advance, rather than during the process of acquisition.

Having a well-designed acquisition strategy will considerably increase your chances of success. The acquisition strategy should be based on the company’s strategy and provide a good rationale for any acquisition.

Having a clear acquisition strategy enables you to decide on fundamental criteria in order to assess a potential acquisition target. Time pressure imposed by (the advisors of) the sell-side party is no longer a disruptive factor for you, when offered a company for acquisition. A person who knows what he or she wants can quickly decide and act upon the market as soon as the opportunity arises. By submitting a well-defined acquisition strategy to the stakeholders (shareholders, management and employees) in a timely manner, you create both feedback and support for the acquisition.

Clifton Finance advises and supports you in growing your business by means of acquisitions, by identifying markets, trends, developments and acquisition candidates. Based on an analysis, we formulate your acquisition strategy and make plan to approach companies. With clear criteria, the right candidates can be identified quickly. From our experience we know that if we approach the targets we have better chance of success and in most cases we receive more information out of the meetings. Our guidance in the acquisition process ensures that the acquisition process moves towards a successful conclusion.

Waarom Clifton Finance?

Een onderneming acquireren is geen doel op zich. Het is een strategie die moet leiden tot beoogde doelstellingen. Een gefundeerde acquisitiestrategie is daarbij geen overbodige luxe. Door vooraf de juiste criteria in kaart te brengen, worden risico’s en nodeloze kosten geminimaliseerd.
Clifton Finance ondersteunt en adviseert waar dat nodig is. Niet te weinig, maar ook zeker niet teveel. Geen dure processen met grote teams. Expertise die is opgebouwd in de afgelopen 30 jaar inzetten op de plaats en het moment dat het nodig is. Met aandacht voor uw specifieke situatie. Omdat alle processen maatwerk zijn.