Don’t skate on thin ice

ICE Utility Professionals joins Value8’s interim professionals. This was preceded by a careful and intensive process partly prompted by the corona crisis. The sales process was actually initiated as soon as there was a prospect of market recovery.  Due to the rapid market recovery, it was important to map out the company thoroughly so that the eventual buyer could estimate the company’s future value.

ICE was looking for an investor who could take the company to the next phase and also further invest in the company’s scale. Value8, with investments in similar services, was a good fit and could add value to the company.

Together with ICE’s DGA, Marcel van Staa, Clifton Finance got the job done and managed to present the company convincingly to potential buyers. Marcel: “You have to prepare well for something like this and timing is essential. In the end, thanks to Clifton Finance’s good connections with Value8, we found a party that matches ICE very well and can get the full potential out of it, while I will still be involved in the coming years.” “The role of Clifton Finance really helped in this” says also Peter Paul de Vries, foreman of Value8.

The personal approach characterised this transaction and was appreciated by all parties.


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