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Financial Business coaching

The economy has changed drastically in a short period of time. These changes have caused a range of issues for entrepreneurs. Many companies have to cope with a sudden loss in demand as the result of pressure on consumer spending. Working capital will be under pressure as well. The situation calls for drastic measures. Measures to be quickly executed after thorough analysis of the issues at hand. Clifton Finance can offer financial and strategic expertise to guide you and help you make this analysis. We stand beside you when difficult choices have to be made.

Quick scan analysis and short-term measures

With the use of a Quick Scan analysis, we determine in which areas the turnover is affected most. We then analyse the possibilities to generate additional revenue top-line. When performing the analysis it is of importance to take into account the current order book and pipeline. Are clients likely to retract and will they be able to fulfil their payment obligations. What would be a realistic revenue and payment term and what does this mean for your cash flow and required financing?

At first, we identify the costs in order to find unconventional savings opportunities when necessary. Furthermore, we determine which costs are essential for retaining or growing revenue. Scheduled investments and the possibility to delay them will also be taken into consideration. The results of this analysis lead to a solid plan for improvement. Based hereon we adopt measures for the short and the medium-long term. In doing so, the cash flow of your enterprise is the leading factor.

Making use of government measures

In addition to the short-term measures we investigate the possibility to take advantage of the recent measures implemented by the government and financial institutions. Perhaps you are able to make use of the emergency measure concerning the conservation of employment (NOW). We are well aware of the arrangements available to (family)enterprises from the government and banks.

Communication with the bank or other providers of capital is of great importance. Financiers are prepared to think along but are not appreciative of unpleasant surprises. Keep communicating openly and transparently with your bank. We know how in what manner to inform your bank and what information has to be provided at which times.

Adjustment business model to the new reality

By securing liquidity for the short and medium-long term you create a buffer that you can use to adjust your business model to the new reality. Clifton Finance is able to act as your strategic business coach in order to determine where the competences of your company and employees are best used. This might lead to the closing or disposal of certain business units. The current climate will also offer the opportunity to acquire companies in a “distressed M&A market”. By taking control of the situation in an early stage, you will be able to seize the opportunities that arise in the near future.