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Is your business sale-ready?

Many sales processes fail because potential buyers face negative surprises in the sales process. The numbers are disappointing or the buyer suddenly sees a big risk that cannot be guaranteed. This can frustrate the company’s sales process. The buyer gives up and the sale is off the table.


How do we increase success when selling the business?

In the sales process, it is important to interest a buyer in the business. The information provided must convince the buyer to buy the business. But this buyer is also going to analyze the company and the figures in more detail during the process. The analysis should not include any setbacks that cause the buyer to lose interest and confidence in the company. So it is important to be immediately open in the information needed. This reduces the chance of setbacks. To avoid setbacks, it is important to make a good analysis yourself before the sales process and prepare the company for sale.


What is Sales Readiness?

Making sales ready means doing all the preparations necessary before starting a sales process. You can determine this from the following questions:

  • Are you financially sound, is your business showing stable growth and margin?
  • Are the market prospects good and do the company’s products match them?
  • Are no substantial investments needed?
  • Is the organization in order, including financial administration, ICT, intellectual property rights and contracts with customers and suppliers?
  • Is the company not too dependent on you and is there a strong management team?


Quick scan

In most cases, a company is never 100% sales ready. But with the right preparation in the process, this does not have to stand in the way of a successful sale. Using the Quick scan, we analyze the questions above.


What does Quick scan entail?

We make an analysis of the company based on:

  • Financial analysis
  • Organization and culture
  • Market analysis
  • Strengths as well as risks, opportunities and threats are identified.

We visualize what can be improved about the company, such as:

  • Margin policy
  • Market approach
  • Organization
  • Overdue investments
  • Working capital

Our Quick scan provides a plan of action for maximum preparation for the sales process.


Advantages quick scan sales readiness

An improvement plan does require time; think several months to six months. This will ultimately increase the saleability. However, proper preparation will make the final sales process faster and better. The investment in a preparation is more than recouped in the sales process through higher proceeds and faster turnaround time.

Would you like to use a quick scan analysis to quickly identify the most important areas for improvement for a sale? Would you like to talk to us about preparing your company for sale?  We ensure the best price for the shares, but also the smoothest possible process when selling your company.

Call Clifton Finance: Maarten Vijverberg +31 6 55853074 or Gonneke van der Lee +31 6 52466518.

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