My Vision On Corporate Finance

In 1984, I started with corporate finance ‘avant la lettre’. The term as such did not yet exist in the Netherlands but I advised (family) companies, managing directors, and majority shareholders on their succession issues, equity value conflicts, mergers, and acquisitions.

In the early nineties, M&A processes were ‘standardised’ and were especially aimed at larger companies. The investigations and analyses became increasingly profound and in-depth. More documents, more spreadsheets, and larger teams became the norm. At the same time, especially under Anglo-Saxon influences, merger & acquisition processes became more complex and juridical.

However, this approach is not preferable in all merger & acquisition processes. There is a greater need for specific and specialist advice on certain parts of the process, with a greater personal involvement focused on the specific situation of entrepreneurs.

When advising within family businesses, we strike a balance between the formal, business-related issues on the one hand, and the relations and dynamics within the family on the other hand.

A New Approach

At Clifton Finance we maintain an innovative approach to merger & acquisition advice as well as advice to family businesses. An approach with lower costs, by operating with small, dedicated teams including large involvement of a senior partner. Clients notice our knowledge and expertise that has been accumulated in 30 years.

Clifton Finance represents an efficient approach by using time-saving (digital) techniques, improving communication in the process. Where necessary, we work with specialists from our network with whom we efficiently work together. We always pay attention to client specific situations, while keeping personal interests and relationships within the company and/or the family in mind.

We focus on giving clients advice wherever and whenever they deem it necessary. Our clients are informed in advance about all processes, so they know what to expect. We present tailor-made, hands-on advice which is suitable for the contemporary business climate.

Expertise meets innovation. That is what we stand for.


Maarten Vijverberg
Partner Clifton Finance