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Maarten Vijverberg

Maarten Vijverberg

With over 30 years of experience in corporate finance, Maarten is still innovative within his field. He is especially familiar with the industrial, trade, food, retail, and fashion sectors. A combination of profound financial and economic knowledge, as well as strong observational and assessment skills regarding interpersonal relations, make Maarten a versatile advisor suitable for complex processes involving multiple stakeholders. He utilises his extensive experience with governance and supervision to assist business owners and family-owned businesses in many ways.  

Maarten has acquired a broad global network and specialises in guiding mergers and acquisitions processes with Chinese parties.

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Gonneke van der Lee

Gonneke has more than 20 years of experience in Corporate Finance. She has worked at Rabobank, Deloitte, Boer & Croon, and joined as a partner at Clifton Finance. Her field of expertise lies with national and international companies within the consumer goods, retail, e-commerce, business services, and IT services sectors. She is an all-round advisor with an analytical and personal approach. Besides her advisory work in M&A, she has a position in the board of trustees at Cohaesiezorg B.V.

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Thomas van ‘t Westeinde

Thomas assists Clifton Finance in mergers and acquisitions alongside pursuing a degree in Economics and Business Economics at the Erasmus University.

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Xiaofei Hao

Xiaofei is affiliated with Clifton Finance as an expert in the field of mergers and acquisitions between China and the Netherlands. Xiaofei Hao holds a master’s degree in both Investment Analysis and Financial Management from Tilburg University. He is currently active as an Associate Manager at Jomec in the M&A and transactional mediation department. Previously, he was active at several Dutch companies, mainly as an intermediate of trade transactions between Dutch and Chinese companies.

Isak Verkaik

Isak is joining Clifton Finance as a corporate finance intern. Currently, he is finishing his masters in Strategy & Organization and his masters Entrepreneurship at the University van Amsterdam and the Vrije Universiteit van Amsterdam. He has a bachelors degree in International Business. On the side does Isak participate in competitive rowing on an international level.

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In the past years, multiple interns and analysts have been affiliated with Clifton Finance. See all of our alumni here. (Page is in Dutch)

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