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Company divestiture

Once you as a shareholder or entrepreneur have decided to see if you can sell the company, the process has already started. Together with the shareholder(s) we can discuss the possible motives to sell the company. Sales can take place, for example, as a result of developments in the market as a result of which a company can no longer compete or must have a larger scale, changing regulations, internationalization, increasing scale of suppliers and competitors, technological developments, and so on. But a reason for sales can also simply be that the energy of entrepreneurship is gone.

Steps Sales Process

Many entrepreneurs come to us and have come to a point where they say: now I’m going to explore what the possibilities are. Based on our many years of experience, we can make a good estimate of what those possibilities are. We know how to approach potential buyers in an appropriate way and with what information. We have an extensive network of strategic and financial buyers. Confidentiality comes first. Before we do that, we prepare everything well. To make a good information memorandum we start with the analysis of all the information that is available. We also make a detailed overview of all possible buyers. After that, we start the final process of selling the company.

Our approach is that we work together as a team. We work completely digital and strive for very short lines of communication. We are experienced negotiators and use proven methodologies. All this should lead to a higher success rate of the sale of the company.

Are we sure we can sell your company? This depends on many factors. And sometimes it is necessary to prepare the sales process even better. The company first needs to be made saleable.

Pitfalls company divestituref

Buyers, both strategic and financial, are picky these days. They are well aware of all the risks associated with a company takeover. Buyers are nowadays very thorough in their (due diligence) investigations and contractually exclude as many risks as possible.

As a result, buyers are so critical that a sales process does not always succeed. Is this only due to the critical buyers? In many processes, the companies that are offered are actually not ready for sale. The results lag behind the forecasts, necessary investments have not yet been made or the management is not up to strength. This often leads to a lower price or even unsaleability. A thorough and timely preparation for the sale of a company is seen as a necessary step for maximum feasibility and maximum return.

Our vision on company divestiture

Nowadays, preparing a sales process is no longer a luxury, but a hard necessity. Often the sale of a company is a one-time process: one chance to do it right. Why take a risk if you don’t have to? Our vision is that not only the price but also the feasibility of the sale can be significantly increased by thorough preparation. Perhaps less obvious, but realistic.

Why Clifton Finance?

Preparations for the sale of a company is a hard necessity nowadays. After all, there is often only one chance to do it right. Why take unnecessary risks?
Our expertise in corporate finance is built over the past 30 years and we use this to generate client specific, innovative solutions. We prefer an integrated and hands-on approach rather than an expensive process involving large teams. We can offer advice with attention to your specific personal situation.