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Conflict resolution

Disagreements and disputes in a family business cannot always be resolved as they would in other businesses. A lasting dispute should always be resolved with respect for the relationships within the family. There are numerous possible reasons for conflicts and we encounter many of them in our practice.

Sometimes, disputes are settled by mediation. The disadvantage of mediation is that it often involves a very long process and it might not be compatible with the family dynamics. In addition, the mediator only acts as facilitator rather than an active participator to resolve the conflict. We believe in more effective conflict resolution techniques by which parties can reach a solution by means of explaining, while also negotiating their positions. Sometimes clarifying the facts is a key point, e.g. by making a valuation of the company.

Clifton Finance has longstanding experience and knowledge of family-owned businesses, which makes us capable to assist all parties in a pragmatic and efficient way. Our approach has several advantages compared to other forms of conflict resolution. The most important aspects are:

  • family business expertise
  • swift action which keeps costs low
  • informal procedure
  • creative and active role in mediation
  • focus on continuing of family relationships

Why Clifton Finance?

During conflicts within family businesses, there is often more harm done than in conflicts within other businesses. With a combination of financial, legal, and personal insights, Clifton Finance can take on an active and efficient role in conflict resolution.
Our expertise in corporate finance is built over the past 30 years and we use this to generate client specific, innovative solutions. We prefer an integrated and hands-on approach rather than an expensive process involving large teams. We can offer advice with attention to your specific personal situation.