Transaction Support for Dutch-Chinese M&A

As a special niche area, Clifton Finance facilitates international transactions between China and the Netherlands in cooperation with Jomec and her partners in China. Jomec is a consulting firm which has over 20 years experience in advising and doing business with Chinese companies.

The opportunities in China are endless. Market volumes and financial resources are a multiple of what we are used to in Europe. China is very interested to invest in Europe and is fully open to investments in China. The government is greatly supporting the M&A activity, which is proven by the large number of transactions between China and Netherlands.

Mergers & acquisitions on an international level are not without risk. It is well known that the probability of an acquisition failing, is considerably higher than the chances of success. This risk is even greater for international transactions, where the markets and cultures of involved companies can differ significantly.

Market and cultural differences appear at an early stage during the M&A process. These can emerge during the negotiations and possibly interfere with the relationships between parties. These international differences are often a major risk factor in transactions.

Differences in market characteristics, traditions and cultures are even greater in transactions between the Netherlands and China. The (lack of) knowledge of Chinese law, government relations and the language can be a barrier for completing transactions with Chinese companies.

Clifton Finance has extensive experience with international transactions. We work on both an individual basis as well as with partners in more than 15 countries in Europe, America and China. With these qualifications, we are able to successfully shape international mergers and acquisitions.