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About Clifton Finance

Clifton Finance advises on merger and acquisition processes. In addition to that, we advise family-owned businesses on succession, governance issues, and conflict resolution. Our expertise is the product of over 30 years of experience in corporate finance, and we use this to generate tailor-made and innovative solutions. We prefer an integrated and hands-on approach rather than expensive processes involving large teams. We offer advice with attention to your specific personal situation.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Process guidance

Mergers & acquisitions are unpredictable. Not a single process is the same, because neither the companies, nor their Read more…

Company Divestiture

‘Value creation’ is the buzzword often used while preparing the sale of a business. Our vision is that the main reason Read more…

Acquisition strategy

Opportunism is often a leading driver in acquisitions. But, the question is whether this results in a successful acquisition. Read more…

Family-owned businesses


Family-owned businesses are complex organizations that, unlike other companies, operate in multiple domains: issues relating to Read more…


When a business grows, the number of stakeholders also increases. External stakeholders of mature family businesses include banks, investors, Read more…

Conflict resolution

Disagreements and disputes in a family business cannot always be resolved as they would in other businesses. A lasting dispute should always Read more…

Business valuation and analysis

Business valuation

The value of a company is determined by the expected financial results of the firm. The risk associated with these future results Read more…


The video below describes one of our clients’ experience with our guidance during the sale process of his company (Video is in Dutch).

Listed below is an overview of recent, successfully conducted transactions under the guidance of the partners at Clifton Finance.

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