Clifton Finance joins Het Nederlands Gilde van Familiebedrijfsspecialisten 

NGFB accession

Clifton Finance has joined the recently established Nederlands Gilde van Familiebedrijf specialisten (Dutch Guild of Family Business Specialists) (NGFB). Advisors and specialists from various disciplines and fields have united to form the NGFB. The objective of the NGFB is to develop and combine knowledge and expertise. In this way, family businesses in need of knowledge and expertise can easily find the right specialist. The guild provides a guarantee of the quality of its member advisors. We mediate this through professional selection and quality reviews with a view to specializing in consulting for family businesses.

Family businesses operate from their own perspective and background, therefore they require specific advice. The initiative came about partly from the desire to transfer this specific expertise to a new generation of advisors.


Strongly growing family businesses

The Netherlands has approximately 250 large, medium and small family businesses. It is a diverse group of companies, which make an important contribution to the economic development of the Netherlands. They employ about 2 ½ million people. Family businesses are also faced with the essential social and economic developments. There is an increasing complexity, which is caused by the rapidly growing size of family businesses.

Family businesses used to be very reluctant to hire external advisors. Instead, the current trend is more toward increasing use of external advisors. Specialization and thorough knowledge of the specific situation of family businesses is essential here. The association is committed to knowledge development and further development of the profession, which consists of various disciplines ranging from organizational advice, estate planning as well as merger and acquisition advice.

The NGFB is a platform for entrepreneurial families and family businesses seeking expertise and guidance on issues relating to the business, ownership and/or the family. It is also a closed community for its affiliates, where expertise can be shared and the interests of family businesses can be advocated externally.

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